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TONE Wild Yarrow Therapy Blend

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Wild Yarrow Therapy Blend. Featuring a base of wild yarrow hydrosol that distills an energetic blue hue! Yarrow is a highly therapeutic botanical sought after for its anti-inflammatory properties. Drawing in hydration and balancing our bodies. This supportive herbal blend soothes compromised reddened skin. Also, multifunctional in supporting healthy hair, and itchy scalp with a boost of herbal aroma.  

Aroma level: Strong

Aroma attributes: Herbaceous, fruity basil, slightly floral, soft musk notes. 

How to Use:
Face- Mist onto freshly cleansed face morning and night. Follow with moisturizer.
Hair: Mist onto hair as a beneficial herbal refresher. Mist close to scalp to help soothe dry itchy scalp. 

Pro Tip: Apply TONE after makeup application for a soft dewy glow to powdery matte makeup. TONE also greatly improves the absorption rate of facial oils so be sure to spritz on TONE before and after facial oil application.

IngredientsWild yarrow hydrosol, Organic Rose Hydrosol*, Aloe vera juice, Witch hazel, Vegetable glycerin, Radish root (natural preservative), EO blend of basil, rosemary, and roman chamomile *organic ingredient
2 oz amber glass fine mist bottle.