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TONE Organic Garden Lavender

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Lavender Hydrosol. We gather organically grown lavender from local West Michigan farms. Allowing us to produce a highly fragrant and therapeutic botanical extraction. Lavender brings forth its well-known and beloved properties to this hydrosol. Properties such as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hydration, nourishment, and it's calming sensation. This lavender offering makes for a great well-rounded toner for any skin type. Be it if you're looking to combat breakouts, oily skin, soothe facial redness, dryness, or utilize the plants calmative properties for both skin and mind. 

Aroma level: Strong

Aroma attributes: Sweet floral, calming, soft. 

How to Use: Mist onto freshly cleansed face morning and night. Follow with moisturizer.

Pro Tip: Apply TONE after makeup application for a soft dewy glow to powdery matte makeup. TONE also greatly improves the absorption rate of facial oils so be sure to spritz on TONE before and after facial oil application.

Ingredients: Organic lavender hydrosol*, Aloe vera juice, Witch Hazel, Vegetable glycerin, Radish root (natural preservative) *organic ingredient

2 oz amber glass fine mist bottle.

TONE Flower and Herb Facial Toner features our own seasonally distilled hydrosols bringing forth the essences of each botanical to the delicate facial tissue. Aiming to soothe, restore skin's pH, minimize the appearance of facial pores, boost complexion, and hydrate after cleansing. These mind and mood-lifting seasonal hydrosols have much to offer our bodies through botanical extracts. Suitable for all skin types. 

What is a Hydrosol? Hydrosols are produced by distilling various parts of fresh leaves, fruits, or herbs. Through steam distillation we are able to obtain botanical waters comprised of plant acids, minerals, small amounts of essential oil, and other water-soluble compounds found within the plant. Hydrosols have similar properties to essential oils, but are much less concentrated, softer, and have more subtle herbaceous notes. We distill our own seasonal hydrosols in a traditional copper alembic still. Utilizing wildly foraged or locally organically grown botanicals at the peak of their soon. These energetic and therapeutic waters help to rebalance skin's pH, regulate oil production, clear problematic skin, and soothe irritation.