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Gua Sha Bian Stone

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After searching for the perfect stone to stand behind; we are now beyond pleased to have this very special Gua Sha stone offering! Not all Gua Sha stones are created equally. This combed, multi-sided bian stone offers the strength + weight needed for an extremely effective face + body massage. All edges and points on this holistic skincare tool are intentional. Allowing you to utilize every point, curve, and edge to access facial pressure points, encourage skin strength, lifting, drainage, and relaxation.

Gua sha is an Eastern Asian practice adapted by many cultures to invite circulation, tension release, and removing stagnant toxin build-up within the body. Gua sha is used gently on the face, and more aggressively on the body. Encouraging lymphatic drainage, increased circulation, collagen (cell strength), product absorption, and smoothing of the skin. Gua sha practices predate acupuncture. Awakening the blood flow, and life-force path within the body to encourage its natural healing abilities. Helping to restore skin to a radiant state as circulation is increased, and nutrients are sent to areas that may have been blocked.

Highly sought after benefits of Gua Sha are:

Tension- A high amount of tension is held in our face and neck. A gua sha routine allows those knotted areas to release their tension, and perform their supportive jobs more effectively. Helping to prevent and soften light facial expression lines.  Gua sha is a beautiful tool to also release tension associated with TMJ, sinus pressure, and headaches.

Detoxification- Gua sha is believed to clear blocked channels that are connected from our face to organs. Similar to how an acupuncturist views the body, and looks for ways to unblock these channels. The manual movements of a gua sha tool stimulates our lymphatic system, helping our organs to function better by breaking up stagnation, and toxins. Depuff the skin, draining fluid (that may be filled with toxins and waste) out of the cells to be cleansed by the body. Gua sha is beneficial for underneath facial breakouts. Helping to drain the breakout below the surface encouraging toxins to be carried out through the lymph nodes. Always avoid gua sha over cystic acne, pimples and open lesions.  

Facial Sculpting- The edges of a gua sha tool works to tone the face, allowing inflammation to drain, and muscles to relax. Encouraging collagen within the skin. Consistent use of your stones helps to improve blood flow, provides us with a more lifted and tightened appearance, awakens dull tired skin, and smooth out fine creases.

Increased Glow- Gua sha increases circulation, oxygenates, and helps to carry nutrients to the skin. Gua sha improves overall lymphatic function naturally resulting in a dewier, glowing complexion, and helping to eliminated dark circles around the eye area. The gliding movements of gua sha tool assists with the penetration of facial serums, oils, and moisturizers further into the layers of the skin. Allowing our skin to feel and look more hydrated.

Care Instructions: Wash stone regularly with a mild soap. Avoid dropping stone on hard surfaces. Storing your gua sha stone inside of the provided cloth bag will help protect this precious stone.