Workshop Listings


Vintage Pop Up! 

Saturday 6/15 11am-3pm 

Come shop a great assortment of true vintage housewares and clothing in our back patio area! Vintage vendors will be here from 11am-3pm! 


Start of Summer Wellness Celebration! 

Friday 6/21 6-8pm, Complimentary Event! 

Join all the business owners inside of Communitea Wellness as we celebrate the start of summer together! Complimentary events include:

-DIY essential oil roller for the first 10 guests at Gathered Botanicals.

-Raffle for a chance to win a free 1/2 hour massage or reiki session. 

-Tastefull Vegan Ice Cream will be vending their health-minded frozen treats. 

-Complimentary Dram herbal beverages. 

-Patio yoga and sound bath 7:30-8pm. 

-Shopping at Gathered Botanicals. 


Japanese Floral Design Practice, Ikebana, with Thistledown Flower Farm

Saturday 6/22 1:30-3pm $60

Join local flower farmer and florist Ashlee Brotherton of Thistledown Flower Farm as we delve into the theory and practical application of the Japanese floral design practice of ikebana. You will learn about the history and structure of the style, arrange your own piece with entirely local, West Michigan-grown flowers and go home with your own ikebana arrangement including vase and floral frog for you to continue the practice at home. Enjoy a peaceful afternoon engaging in a 500-year-old artform using seasonal ingredients that are grown within and contribute to your local ecosystem. 


Cacao Ceremony with Danielle Sheridan Reiki Master/Teacher

Sunday 6/23 11am-12pm $35

Join Danielle Sheridan Reiki Master/Teacher at Gathered Botanicals for a special Cacao Ceremony. 

What is a Cacao ceremony? Cacao ceremony is the consumption and preparation of a about 45g of raw ceremonial grade Cacao as a warm beverage in a way that honors the sacred essence of the Cacao plant as well as the indigenous people and culture that kept this plant medicine sacred and pure so we can enjoy in this form to this day. 

What can I expect? Cacao ceremonies are believed to have several benefits. They can help promote a sense of relaxation, focus, and presence. The cacao has mood-enhancing properties, releasing feel-good chemicals in the brain like serotonin and dopamine. It can also help open the heart and foster a deeper connection with oneself and others. We will also be adding rose powder for a deeper heart opening. Cacao also can help create a meditative and introspective experience, allowing for self-reflection and emotional healing. During the Cacao ceremony you can also add in other plants and herbs that help us ground into the present moment and open our hearts such as rose, cinnamon, clove, blue lotus, ginger, lavender. 

What do I need to bring? Bring your own pillow, blanket, yoga mat or cushion to sit on as we will be on the floor in a cozy circle for this ceremony. Also bring a pen and journal incase you feel called to journal after or during. 


Perimenopause and Menopause Support with Dr. Jenny Buchner. 

Friday 6/28-6-7:30pm

The journey through perimenopause & menopause can be a bumpy ride (hot flashes, belly fat & brain fog, oh my!) but it doesn't have to be that way! Join Dr. Jenny for a workshop where we'll dive into understanding your body & nurturing your hormonal health with self-care, herbal medicine & easy at-home practices to make this transition more comfortable & easeful. Discover herbal remedies to support your unique needs that can help make your hormonal transition a more balanced experience.


"Happiness Hour" Summertime Herbal Beverages with Supportive Herbs for Stress and Mood. 

Saturday 6/29 2-3pm $30

Join us as we delve into the world of herbal beverages, finding balance in our stress levels & mood. In this interactive class, we will craft herbal syrups using a variety of flowers, roots, & herbs, to create refreshing & supportive beverages. Sip on our herbal mocktails, test mix-ins of tinctures, elixirs, & glycerites, while enjoying the company of fellow attendees. Guests will leave with recipes of our beverage creations & 1 oz bottle of syrup made in class.

Garden-Side Distillation with Gathered Botanicals at Blandford Nature Center Farm. 

Wednesday 7/10 6-7:30pm $45 non-Blandford member /$36 Blandford member

Join Aubrey Winfield from Gathered Botanicals for an evening of botanical distillation using an aromatic herb from the Blandford farm. In this program you will participate in preparing the herbs, learn about the basic principles of distilling in a copper alembic still, make a traditional rye four paste to seal the still, and discuss what hydrosols are and how to use them. While the herbs are distilling you will take an herb walk with herbalist Camilla Voelker and end with bottling the hydrosol you’ve participated in preparing. You will take a mini bottle home! Workshop will be taking placing at 3145 Milo St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534. 


An Evening of Watercolor with Rebekah Reese- Summers on Lake Michigan.

Friday 7/12 6-7:30pm $32

Join author and illustrator, Rebekah Reese for an enjoyable watercolor class as we embrace the beauty of Lake Michigan.  Come learn the tools, tricks & techniques that will make painting fun, rather than frustrating. In this class we’ll practice the basics of watercolor, as well as try out different supplies, so you can find what works best for your style. Attendees will take home a handmade ceramic paint palette, and your paintings from our evening together.  


Adaptogenic Herbal Pastilles, delightful herbal "pills", with A Season of Wellness.

Saturday 7/13 10:30-11:45am $32

Interested in learning new ways to incorporate herbs into your routine besides tea and tincture? Join herbalist Camilla Voelker from A Season of Wellness in this fun make-and-take herbal pastille class! Pastilles are delightful herbal "pills" made of powdered herbs & honey to capture their therapeutic properties. We will learn about different adaptogens from a Western Herbalism perspective, and make our own herbal pastilles to take home! Herbs covered may include ashwagandha, holy basil, reishi.


Summer Medicinal Plant Walk with Woven Apothecary

Saturday 7/13 1:30-3:30pm $42

Join herbalist Katie Jo on a Summer plant walk! We will be learning how to identify common wild & medicinal plants and flowers that can be used for natural remedies like teas, oils, balms and more!
Each person who attends will receive a Seasonal Foraging Journal to bring along to write notes in and keep for future personal use and reference. We will meet at Gathered Botanicals and walk to the nearby Highland park. After the walk we will head back to the shop to try a delicious summer sun tea!


Skin Health Workshop with Ashley Goodwin & Gathered Botanicals

Friday 7/19 6-7:30pm $32

Come learn a holistic approach to hormonal/cyclical acne. In this workshop we will discuss 3 root causes of acne, skin microbiome, how our cycles and hormones can impact our skin, natural solutions, and how to choose cleaner products for your skin health. You will even be able to try out some natural skin care products from the Gathered Botanicals line. Guests will leave with a skin health workbook, a freshly cleansed face(optional) and the knowledge to heal their skin.


Foraging For Skincare: Foraging Walk, Salves, and Infused Oils with In Your Elements Wellenss & Gathered Botanicals

Saturday 7/20 10:30-1pm $45

Learn how to identify & use wild local plants for skincare with In Your Element & Gathered Botanicals!  In this full circle experience, you'll join foraging instructor Katie Venechuk for a plant walk at Highland Park to learn how to identify wild plants useful for skincare. Guests return to the shop for hands-on experience with Gathered Botanicals making infused oils & salves. Includes a foraged sun tea, snack, sample of salve made in class, & personalized 4-oz oil infusion to bring home.  


Botanical Ink Making Workshop with Gabrielle Eisma

Friday 8/2 6-7:30pm $30

Join children's book illustrator & designer for a class of botanical ink making with foraged plants & other natural materials. In this class, you will be introduced to many natural sources to create ink, learn how to modify homemade ink to create different natural colors, learn tips & tricks for painting with botanical ink. You will leave with a booklet of tips & recipes for finding & harnessing color at home, a blot chart from the inks made in class, along with a sample bottle of ink.


Cycle Charting 101 with Ashley Goodwin from The Hippie Martha

Friday 9/20 6-7:15pm $30

Have you been wanting to become more in tune with your menstrual cycle? Ashley from The Hippie Martha will be at Gathered Botanicals and guiding you through a basic understanding of how to use a single check sympto-thermal fertility awareness method to chart for health or conception. She will review the physiology of the menstrual cycle, how to temp, classify cervical fluid, open and close a fertile window and what a chart looks like and how to fill it out. Guests will receive handouts including paper charts or the option to get 3 months free from the Read Your Body App and leave feeling more confident in charting their cycles. There will also be a discount if you want to follow up with Ashley or take her full course online.