About the Maker

Hello fellow herbal and skincare lover, I'm thrilled you are here! It is my delight to share my skincare offerings with you. My fascination with botanicals have dated far back into my youth. Growing up with endless woods all around; my days were spent under fragrant lilac bushes, and gathering botanicals in the deep green woods. It is my desire now to create botanically driven products you feel confident using to improve your skin's health. Gathered Botanicals is a line of skincare infused with wild botanicals I responsibly forage for seasonally, and source from locally in Western Michigan. Gathered Botanicals is produced in traditional folk herbal methods with some modern twists thrown in. Adding unexpected bits of glam and luxury to each bottle and tube prepared. I have always felt the powerful healing and uplifting properties botanicals offer our bodies, minds, and moods. These botanicals still captivate me daily, and it is my joy to share a piece of that with you through skincare. 

Thank you for being here and trusting the earth with your body. 

xo- Aubrey